John Butler

John Butler

Sailing on the Titanic

12 April 2024
Debt, deficits, devaluation… inflation, stagflation, war… Yes, things are bad and they are likely to get even worse over the next few years. Investors need to take action to protect their wealth in what are going to become even more challenging times.

Gold has broken out; silver to follow

8 April 2024
The global financial and monetary system is living on leverage and borrowed time. John Butler interviews financial and monetary expert Alasdair Macleod, where they discuss the risks to financial assets and currencies and why gold and silver prices will keep marching higher.

Other people’s money

28 March 2024
Open an introductory Economics textbook and one of the first things you’re likely to come across is a definition of what, exactly, Economics is. These tend to be short, for example, “The science of resource allocation” or “The study of production, exchange and consumption”.

Back to the future: of energy

21 March 2024
Last week the UK government announced that it would authorise the construction of a handful of new, gas-fired power plants. While the government claims that it is still fully committed to its ambitious net-zero plans, it pointed out that, due to the unexpectedly poor performance of both wind and solar, in particular for base power production, more traditional, backup capacity was necessary.

The EU’s deepening existential crisis

14 March 2024
Last weekend, Portuguese voters went to the polls. The centre-right Democratic Alliance (AD) party won the most seats but far short of a majority. The far-right Chega party quadrupled its seats and emerged as controversial coalition kingmaker.

Will the “big tech” rally continue?

1 March 2024
In this edition of Week in Review I sit down with my Southbank Investment Research colleague and tech guru Sam Volkering to analyse the most recent rally in “big tech” stocks and whether this trend can continue. Sam is confident that it can, and for a variety of reasons.

When worlds collide

22 February 2024
Artificial intelligence is “colliding” with our world Where some see danger, others see opportunity A sci-fi classic can help to illustrate the point One of…