In this issue:

  • Does the upcoming election even matter?
  • Or is the country facing stagnation regardless?
  • If so, what can investors do about it?

The election is on everyone’s mind. But unlike most, we have an inside angle that you need to hear. We’ve spent the last few years assembling our Global Intelligence Network (GIN). This advisory team holds expertise in economics, finance, politics, even military affairs.

Recently, I sat down with GIN member Godfrey Bloom. Godfrey is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, a former British Army officer, City executive and Member of the European Parliament.

A man of strong convictions and opinions, Godfrey did not mince his words in our discussion when describing what a mess he thinks we’re facing and, as he sees it, the complete inability of the political class in the UK to come to terms with it.

Be it economic or social, domestic or foreign, Godfrey sees little logic or sense in mainstream British political policy heading into this election. Nor does he see future policy proposals from either the Conservatives or Labour that would serve to help set the country on a better course.

While the message may be distressing, Godfrey is nonetheless engaging, witty and entertaining, so I do recommend you watch the interview. You might, however, want a stiff drink afterwards.

Until next time,

John Butler
Investment Director, Fortune & Freedom