Q: Why would Nigel Farage care about my financial independence?

Nigel’s long experience in the financial world left him disappointed by the establishment. Even in recent years and today, after successfully driving important causes and change, he has felt let down by our financial system. And he believes that if others knew what he knew, they would feel the same. But then what? If he’s going to expose the hard truths, shouldn’t he also offer people alternatives? That’s where Fortune & Freedom comes in. Nigel believes that you deserve more than empty promises to know more about what really drives economic trend and change. He wants to help you rise above the walls the establishment has built – to help you see the opportunities out ahead, grab hold of them, and win.

Q: Is this newsletter linked to Brexit?

No. Nigel’s interest in a return to financial research and investing is not politically driven and he will not be representing any political party through his writing in Fortune & Freedom. Of course, Brexit is a major macro trend that will shape the future of the UK and EU economy for decades. As such, he will share his views on investment opportunities in a post-Brexit world, along with his views on other global macro trends and issues that drive and shape the financial markets and wider economy.

Q: Why should I place value in the investment insight and ideas of a political figure?

If Nigel Farage’s upbringing in a family of financial minds and 20 years of experience as a broker and trader in the City of London taught him anything, it is that the individual investor needs a real ally. Even after moving from the financial world into politics, Nigel has maintained a unique level of visibility into the financial system, and he truly believes it is fundamentally flawed. He credits his awareness of those flaws for much of his ability to protect himself as well as for being an early champion of major trends and causes including the successful resistance of the UK’s adoption of the euro and the country’s split from the economic and political bloc. And most importantly, whether or not you’ve agreed with Nigel over the years, he has been a steady ally and advocate for the individual investor.

Q: Is Fortune & Freedom right for me?

Nigel’s newsletter is available to anyone who wants to subscribe, but unless you’re open minded, willing to see the flaws of our current financial system, and ready to take control of your own wealth, you can’t expect to reap the benefits. Fortune & Freedom is for the investor looking to access a wide range of informed opinion to understand the macro trends that are driving the performance of different asset classes.