The City

Other people’s money

28 March 2024
Open an introductory Economics textbook and one of the first things you’re likely to come across is a definition of what, exactly, Economics is. These tend to be short, for example, “The science of resource allocation” or “The study of production, exchange and consumption”.

Reader mail: Does R + F = L?

26 March 2024
My article about the equation that gives oil and gas a new lease on life has stirred up the reader mail inbox. Thanks for your feedback. Believe it or not, all of it was thoughtful and civil enough to publish…

Back to the future: of energy

21 March 2024
Last week the UK government announced that it would authorise the construction of a handful of new, gas-fired power plants. While the government claims that it is still fully committed to its ambitious net-zero plans, it pointed out that, due to the unexpectedly poor performance of both wind and solar, in particular for base power production, more traditional, backup capacity was necessary.

The EU’s deepening existential crisis

14 March 2024
Last weekend, Portuguese voters went to the polls. The centre-right Democratic Alliance (AD) party won the most seats but far short of a majority. The far-right Chega party quadrupled its seats and emerged as controversial coalition kingmaker.

Access Denied: sucking out the stock market’s soul

11 March 2024
Do you remember the days when people would speak about the stock market instead of bitcoin? Water cooler conversations featured BP and BT instead of bitcoin and Ethereum. At family barbeques people would whisper to each other about small caps from the uncharted waters outside the FTSE 100 they’d “taken a punt” on.

How much longer can the housing crisis last?

8 March 2024
Having a two-party system gives the political class a hidden power. They can collectively decide which political issues are genuinely up for debate… and which are not to be mentioned. The housing crisis is certainly not for discussion. Even if it is the giant woolly mammoth in the room.

When worlds collide

22 February 2024
Artificial intelligence is “colliding” with our world Where some see danger, others see opportunity A sci-fi classic can help to illustrate the point One of…