Established in the late 1930s, The Fleet Street Letter has opened the lid on multiple conspiracy theories during its long history. How?

Well, did you know that some previous editors, advisers and members of its Global Intelligence Network have included members of the UK Parliament? The European Parliament? Retired military officers? Former spies? Defectors even?

Some have even been involved in conspiracies themselves…

No one knows the rich history of The Fleet Street Letter better than Bill Bonner. Founder of the global Agora Group of companies, when not travelling the world visiting Agora affiliate offices, Bill spends most of his time in Ireland and France.

And he writes. Every day.

He’s the wittiest, most entertaining writer I know. Which really is saying something, given that he writes primarily about financial markets.

Bill is even more witty and entertaining in person. Hence I was thrilled when he passed through London recently. He even set aside some time to come into our Southbank studios to record a chat about The Fleet Street Letter’s astonishing track record in predicting some of the biggest historical events of the past 80 years, ones with tremendous impact on the financial markets.

You’ll want to hear what Bill has to say in this discussion, and not only about the past, but the present and future too.

John Butler
Investment Director, Fortune & Freedom

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