• On the surface, the financial markets may seem calm
  • But there is trouble lurking underneath
  • A storm may be coming, perhaps bigger than 2008

I recently sat down with Southbank Global Intelligence Network member Alasdair Macleod. Alasdair had a long career in the City of London before becoming the Head of Research for gold custodian Goldmoney in 2011.

A keen observer of international monetary and financial affairs, Alasdair sees growing signs that the system is becoming dangerously unstable. Not only has past debt issuance and money printing led to high inflation, but central banks are becoming unable to contain it without raising interest rates to levels that could trigger a debt crisis.

There is also the problem of falling global demand to hold government debt. Instead, there is growing demand for gold and other real assets that cannot simply be printed and devalued.

The current situation has all the makings of a future financial crisis, one that could well lead to a general devaluation of currencies, including sterling. But as Alasdair explains there are things investors can do to prepare.

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John Butler
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