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The mainstream media is turning on its masters

14 January 2022
The world’s mainstream media has turned on its masters before the population did. Journalists are now openly questioning, investigating and reporting on what were considered conspiracy theories, falsities and impossibilities.

Better than buying a real house?

13 January 2022
In a recent video, I asked Rob Marstrand and John Butler a question: “Should I buy a house?” But my friend Sam Volkering butted in with a rather different suggestion...

Sam Volkering: This new tech could be bigger than the internet

Sam recently did something he’s never done before…

He took a film crew out to Central London…

Revealed a new technology that could change everything from how you pay your taxes to how you access your medical records…

And named the #1 way of playing it – FREE OF CHARGE.

Just click right here to see the whole thing.

Capital at risk.