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Freedom in name only

16 July 2021
Freedom Day draws near. But you might as well call it FRINO – freedom in name only. Nigel Farage isn’t convinced that the updated measures will amount to much of an improvement. Nor that our partial restoration of basic freedoms will last for long.

Australia, wages and inflation

18 June 2021
There was no doubt about our topic for this Week in Review. While the G7 dithered and dallied, the UK trade deal with Australia was settled. Adonis told us it’d be impossible. Clegg said it couldn’t be done. Nigel argued it’d be a matter of course.

Green gold?

17 June 2021
Going green can be a bottom-up order instead of a top-down order, meaning that it reflects the decisions and preferences of each of us as individuals instead of the schemes of a few politicians and lobbyists. And that change is happening in the gold industry right now.

Inflation spotted on the horizon

7 May 2021
Financial markets have finally spotted the inflation on the horizon.

And now all eyes turn to central banks. Will they move interest rates too early, too late, or not at all?