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The beginning of the end for Ukraine?

15 August 2022
Winter is coming and Europe is short on gas. How much longer will people put up with Russian sanctions? Nigel Farage and I suspect not long, given a subtle change we’ve detected in the news…

The Return of Bloody October?

22 July 2022
Back in 2018, I predicted a meltdown in the stockmarket over Italian elections. I called the prediction Bloody October. And the selloff which began in earnest at the end of September delivered the worst year for stocks since 2008.

The Boris and Bailey clown act is just depressing now

8 July 2022
Usually, there’s a happy clown and a sad clown. Although, in my case, I was more of an evil juggling jester twice a week. The only performance in which I didn’t drop a ball or hit myself with a devil stick at some point ended when I slipped spectacularly and landed flat on my back.

The everything bubble has burst

17 June 2022
They called it the everything bubble while it was inflating. Rarely do the mainstream media and consensus get it so right on the way up.

But where can you hide now that it has burst? If everything was caught up in the bubble, then everything now must crash…

Metals, money and the pub across the road

20 May 2022
I ask Nigel how a kid fresh out of high school scored a job in the open cry pit at the London Metals Exchange, how contract disputes used to be settled (hint, there was a lot less compliance paperwork) and the old-school method of settling contract disputes.

Which money is best? Free Banking money!

17 May 2022
Scottish pounds are much maligned in England. (And among mystified Australian customs officers, I can report.) But what if these funny looking scraps of paper, which claim to be equivalent to a Bank of England banknote, actually hold the secret to the best form of money of all?

Which money is best? Silver!

16 May 2022
They don’t call it a pound karat. It’s not the family gold you show off at dinner parties. The dollar is not called the doubloon. And the yuan isn’t called the Jīnzi.

Which money is best? Cryptocurrency!

12 May 2022
Whatever form of money might be best theoretically speaking, cryptocurrencies are the future and fiat is the past. That’s what Sam Volkering thinks. Here’s how he put it: “You need to get your head out of TradFi!”

Which money is best? CBDCs…?

11 May 2022
Well, we couldn’t find anyone to advocate for the idea that central bank digital currencies are the best form of money… but our gold expert, John Butler, just happens to be an expert on CBDCs too.