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How to survive inflation? Ask the survivors…

5 September 2022
Two weeks ago, we caught up with John Butler, the man who warned you of our inflation before it happened. In our video, I asked whether he expects inflation to come back down, or to persist. Find out what his answer was here.

Rishi Sunak the Revolutionary…?

2 September 2022
What if lockdowns were a mistake? What if even politicians like Rishi Sunak knew they would be? What if they were silenced by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who took control of the government, the economy and our basic rights?

The beginning of the end for Ukraine?

15 August 2022
Winter is coming and Europe is short on gas. How much longer will people put up with Russian sanctions? Nigel Farage and I suspect not long, given a subtle change we’ve detected in the news…

The Return of Bloody October?

22 July 2022
Back in 2018, I predicted a meltdown in the stockmarket over Italian elections. I called the prediction Bloody October. And the selloff which began in earnest at the end of September delivered the worst year for stocks since 2008.

The Boris and Bailey clown act is just depressing now

8 July 2022
Usually, there’s a happy clown and a sad clown. Although, in my case, I was more of an evil juggling jester twice a week. The only performance in which I didn’t drop a ball or hit myself with a devil stick at some point ended when I slipped spectacularly and landed flat on my back.

The everything bubble has burst

17 June 2022
They called it the everything bubble while it was inflating. Rarely do the mainstream media and consensus get it so right on the way up.

But where can you hide now that it has burst? If everything was caught up in the bubble, then everything now must crash…