Debt, deficits, devaluation… inflation, stagflation, war… Yes, things are bad and they are likely to get even worse over the next few years. We’re basically sailing on the Titanic.

In this discussion with podcaster David Lin and Matthew Piepenburg, partner at Swiss investment firm Von Greyerz and Company, we explore the financial and investment implications of a world now drowning in excessive debts, mired in stagflation and at risk of escalating wars on multiple fronts.

Yes, there are things that investors can do to protect their wealth during “interesting” times. Gold and certain other real assets provide a lifeboat of sorts for one’s personal wealth.

The recent surge in the price of gold is indicative of sharply higher demand, reflecting the growing realisation around the world that a general, global currency devaluation is now underway.

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John Butler
Investment Director, Fortune & Freedom