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Don’t mention the war genocide

6 April 2021
Nigel Farage is usually full of humour. But genocide doesn’t exactly lend itself to Friday Funnies… Nor, apparently, is it good politics to acknowledge the genocide going on in “a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing,” as Chamberlain once said…

The Tragedy of the Euro

19 March 2021
We may have escaped both the euro and the EU. But there’s a problem. We’re still tied, economically and financially, to both projects. That’s as it should be. As the economist Frédéric Bastiat wrote, “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will”. Trade with the continent is a good thing.

Welcome to our very own Sakoku

8 January 2021
Between 1633 and 1853, Japan pursued a policy of Sakoku, meaning “the chained country”. It isolated itself off from the world to prevent the spread of foreign influences...

Bitcoin, Brexit, break-ups and Biden

18 December 2020
If you want to be part of this exciting movement, there’s lots on offer. To get you started, Nigel’s “man on the inside” Rob Marstrand has created a wealth-building blueprint you can follow for 2021 – and beyond...

Five reasons why Britain will boom after Brexit

12 December 2020
Britain’s Great Wealth Revival approaches… I can’t wait. And I hope you are excited to watch it too. If you are keen to step beyond insight and opinion… to start receiving regular, actionable investment recommendations in your hands… you will not want to miss it...