• Are the banks hiding something?
  • Nations load up on gold
  • Net zero hits another snag.

The saga of Nigel Farage’s de-banking continues with an extraordinary update on just how systemic the drama really is. But why is it occurring? Are the banks hiding something?

The Bank of England (BoE) says not. But, then again, the BoE got rid of the UK’s mortgage stress tests just before hiking interest rates rapidly. And now its warning about stress in the mortgage market…

The Financial Times, meanwhile, reports that nations have been spurred into action by sanctions on Russia. Nations are loading up on gold and repatriating it back home for safekeeping. This means nations don’t trust the US or the US dollar’s value. I wonder why…

Perhaps, nations are worried about what happens when a government has complete control over the global financial and trading system, and can make whatever policies it would like? A bit like central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), you might say?

Funnily enough, our guide to escaping CBDCs has a lot in common with what central banks around the world are doing to escape future US crackdowns on central bank wealth too.

Meanwhile, the campaign for net zero has encountered further local opposition to the changes that’ll save us from climate change. This time, it’s over a hydrogen trial.

Find out what’s been going on this week, and what it means for you, from Nigel Farage…

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