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Withdrawal symptoms strike euro area government bonds

11 February 2022
Euro area bond yields are spiking over fears that the European Central Bank (ECB) will withdraw stimulus. Are we in for another European sovereign debt crisis!?... The latest Brexit data is out and the trade deficit with the EU has worsened improved!?

The crack-up boom explains our economic chaos

26 January 2022
Economic chaos is raging around the world, in its many, many forms. And economists are at a loss to explain why, let alone predict it. But what if there is one economic theory which explains all this carnage quite simply? And what if I could introduce you to the ideal person to explain it to us?

The mainstream media is turning on its masters

14 January 2022
The world’s mainstream media has turned on its masters before the population did. Journalists are now openly questioning, investigating and reporting on what were considered conspiracy theories, falsities and impossibilities.

Better than buying a real house?

13 January 2022
In a recent video, I asked Rob Marstrand and John Butler a question: “Should I buy a house?” But my friend Sam Volkering butted in with a rather different suggestion...

What if Brexit is only the beginning for Britain?

3 December 2021
If you thought Nigel Farage is bullish about post-Brexit Britain, meet David Murrin.

This global forecaster of geopolitics and financial markets takes us through why, and how, he believes the UK is about to boom. And let me tell you, a lot of it will come as a surprise to the rest of the world, let alone this country.

Do central bankers rule the world, or serve their masters?

25 November 2021
Governments are now so overindebted that they rely on their central banks to finance them.

But who is in charge of that relationship?

On the one hand, central banks seem to have lost all their independence and appear to be mere extensions of government treasuries. They are forced to extend financing to government, or risk triggering a sovereign debt crisis…