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The truth about property prices

9 November 2021
People in the English-speaking world believe that property is a great investment. They claim that house prices can only rise in the long run, and that getting on the property ladder is the first step to prosperity.

Is the EU illegal?

5 November 2021
While bond markets around the world wobble, the very foundations of the EU do too. And those foundations might not be on very legal ground.

Will the real Rishi Sunak please stand up?

2 November 2021
Chancellor Rishi Sunak finished his Budget speech with wise words:

“Do we want to live in a country where the response to everything is ‘What is the government going to do about it?’ Or do we recognise that government should have limits?”

Crypto, copper and Covid chaos

25 October 2021
Whether it’s cryptocurrencies, vaccines, lockdowns or copper, governments are strangling both freedoms and the free market with their interventions. And the results are plain to see.

Energy crisis, or opportunity?

8 October 2021
While the energy crisis rages and spreads around the world, savvy investors are pondering a different problem. How can we make money from the mess? In this video, I ask Nigel Farage a simple question. Yet it’s one that has so much baggage…

Simon Popple explains our commodity chaos

6 October 2021
If you’ve spent the last few weeks wondering what on earth has happened in commodity and energy markets to cause all this chaos, today’s video is for you. I invited the most knowledgeable and experienced commodity investor I know to explain what’s going on, and what happens next.

Are you addicted to QE?

13 August 2021
Is the Bank of England addicted to QE? Or did the pot call the kettle black? The UK’s exports to the EU have surged well above pre-referendum and pre-Brexit averages. What does it mean for UK politics going forward if Project Fear is vanquished?

Is the pandemic over?

30 July 2021
Freedom Day has come and gone. But Covid-19 cases plunged instead of surging as predicted. Is the pandemic over? Have we reached the magic threshold?