Usually, there’s a happy clown and a sad clown. Although, in my case, I was more of an evil juggling jester twice a week.

The only performance in which I didn’t drop a ball or hit myself with a devil stick at some point ended when I slipped spectacularly and landed flat on my back.

It happened while I was slinking off stage and trying to laugh like my great uncle had when he played the Sheriff of Nottingham in the West End many years ago. This added some great sound effects to the visual embarrassment.


Both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey are busy playing the sad clown.

More interesting, as far as I’m concerned, is Andrew Bailey. You see, central bankers are the ones keeping the economy on an even keel. At least, that’s what they like to pretend…

And, as they claim they are fixing the problems that they, themselves, have created, Bailey just sits and moans about them.

He’s been using words like “apocalyptic”, “deteriorated materially” and “historic shock”. All this is a bit like seeing your psychologist and having them agree with you.

Now, you might think “at least Andrew is being honest,” while the rest of the world’s policymakers live in la-la land, if only officially speaking. But that’s not Nigel’s take…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom