In today’s issue:

  • Who governs doesn’t matter; how they govern does
  • Is Labour’s majority enough to undermine the hard left?
  • Your questions about the election answered

The results are in. But what do they mean for you?

Over at The Fleet Street Letter, we predicted what lies in Labour’s secret election manifesto back in January. And why the election may not matter at all. Someone else is in power anyway.

But it’s time to tangle with how the vote actually played out…

What do the results mean for The Fleet Street Letter’s Nigel Farage? He seems to have his eyes on 2029. Is this a Normandy beachhead, or Dunkirk?

Does the size of the Labour majority undermine the hard-left wing, as Nigel predicted?

Will Labour be in for a generation, or is its vote a fleeting protest directed at the Tories?

Isn’t Labour only going to worsen the policies that pushed the Conservatives out of power?

Is this the wake-up call the Conservatives need, or their death knell?

Not to mention questions from you, the reader…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom