Can Japan survive without monetary life support?

25 March 2024
One month ago, I moved to Japan. We plan to stay about a year. The idea is to keep the kids bi-lingual. I managed to rope my Dad into joining us for a week. We needed his help on the flights. The middle child is a bit of a handful, especially on a plane. I like to say that if she had been born when I was, we’d have lost the Cold War. But we managed to keep her busy. It only took the combined efforts of everyone on the plane though…

How to invest in a perverted stock market

13 March 2024
Now that you know how the rich are abusing the stock market to their advantage, and what it means for our economy, it’s time to figure out what we can do about it. But first, I’d like to add one last way in which stock markets have been undermined.