The government is too busy creating new onerous laws to rescind the ones the EU forced on us. They’re blaming a Westminster Blob for the inability to stage a Brexit Bonfire. But is their excuse a valid one?

Speaking of excuses, the fact that central bankers around the world all made the same mistake on inflation suggests there’s something going on behind the scenes. But what?

And the impossibility of inflation was far from the only consensus proving to be wrong. Investment bankers have changed their tune on the UK economy and the pound in rather dramatic fashion. How did they get it so wrong and what are they saying now?

But the biggest surprise of all might yet be coming bankers’ way, with monetary policy and the bond markets in for a right barney by Christmas, at the latest.

Find out what Nigel Farage had to say about all that, and more, in this video

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With financial markets facing so much uncertainty from so many different angles at once, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the risks.

But the truth is that the risks may be skewed to the upside, with inflation, a banking crisis and the prospect of interest rate cuts making the stock market the place to keep at least some of your wealth.

The real question is how to invest. And the answer is here.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom