Today is the beginning of something very exciting.

Something I care a lot about. And I hope you will too.

Unknown to all but a handful of people, I have been working on a new project. A movement – it’s called Britain’s Great Wealth Revival.

It kicks off with a special broadcast at 2pm on Monday 14 December. And, if you like what we have to say, you will walk away with two timely investment opportunities directly in your hands.

Here’s why….

You see, whilst the feedback to our work here in Fortune & Freedom has been terrific so far…

With hundreds of people writing in to say that learning more about the world of finance has come at just the right time for them…

Many people have been telling me they want more.

I’ve been getting lots of emails from people who want to take the next step. Just like this these:

“Give tips on good investment company platforms such as Hargreaves Lansdown products or other ways to invest as I fear gold is very high at the moment.” Roger

“Talk about stocks.” Michael

“More specific insight on investment options.” Judith

“I like the informative way you educate us. However, the solutions to the problems we face are not always clear. What to do to save ourselves from failing banks, apart from gold and property, what do we invest in?” Steven

I’m sensing a lot of people want more than just insights. More than ideas. More than just analysis from myself and Nick Hubble.

They are looking for something more useful… specific investment recommendations… the sorts of opportunities many people don’t get to hear about.

I’ve listened.

And I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make this happen. I have used my connections from within the financial world to bring this new project to life.

It is a crusade… one that I think is critical for every man and woman in this country who wants to get their money working for them.

Because when I asked readers to send me stories of their bad experiences with the traditional financial establishment… I was shocked.

This is just a few of the messages I received:

“Twice the City of London screwed my pension with the result that I have a tiny private pension that is less than the state pension.” Roger

“We were advised to take our pension money from a good sound plan into a SIPP. The financial adviser then advised us to invest the funds in an unregulated scheme organised by themselves. Investments failed.” Janette

“Where to start! No major issues, but a general level of incompetence seems to prevail and the way the banking / central banking system is structured to steal from all of us through inflation is grossly unfair.” Martin

These really spoke to me. Because I can see that many people really feel let down. Exasperated.

But many were tired of hunting for old, recycled opportunities in the financial media.

Tired of big promises that never seem to pan out. Tired of looking at their pension pots with a sinking feeling in their stomachs.

Maybe that is how you feel too. Maybe you’re looking for something to run alongside any advice or ideas you’re getting right now from a professional you trust… because I know there are some good ones out there, I also received some positive responses about IFAs too, people have had great experiences.

Maybe you are looking for opportunities to potentially grow your wealth.

Opportunities to pull in some extra income.

And intelligence about stocks that could flourish in the months and years ahead.

If so, then I want YOU to be a part of Britain’s Great Wealth Revival.

And you can be, very soon.

At 2pm on Monday 14 December – I’ll be releasing a special online broadcast.

If I have judged you right, I think you’ll want to tune in. It doesn’t matter what you have planned – clear your afternoon!

You won’t see it on YouTube. Or Facebook. Or anywhere else.

It is an exclusive release just for you, here, next Monday.

In the broadcast, I’ll introduce you to a master investor. Someone I trust. A man who has helped many hundreds of people all over the world make a success of their investments.

He’s worked with the ultra-rich – and the man on the street – to help them become wealthier.

I want him to do the same for you.

In fact, he’s already started! He’s put together a wealth-building blueprint for every reader, sharing three critical money moves he believes you could make immediately.

I can’t wait for you to see it.

My mission: to put into your hands the tools you need to start building a better financial future for yourself and your family…

For you to be the hero of your own story, when it comes to your money.

I hope that’s what you want too.

Set a reminder on your phone or put an “X” in your calendar – Britain’s Great Wealth Revival goes live at 2pm, Monday 14 December.

In fact, if you click one of these buttons below, it will set up a reminder for you in your calendar. 

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In the run-up to the broadcast, I’ll be sharing more details about this new movement…

And just for tuning in, you’ll receive a valuable briefing, showing you three investments that our master investor believes you should steer clear of right now.

But that’s just the beginning….

I know what you really want is to hear about opportunities that could make you money.

That’s why I want to place your wealth-building blueprint in your hands – with three money moves you can put to work immediately.

More about that later this week.

Many thanks,

Nigel Farage Signature
Nigel Farage
Founder, Fortune & Freedom

PS I’d like to make something clear. I believe there are plenty of good financial advisers and brokers out there. I’ve met some of them in my time.

But I can see people are looking for more than what they are getting. That’s what they are telling me, in droves. I think people are looking to be more informed. More confident. They want to be early on opportunities, not lagging behind. They don’t want to feel like that they have to take every professional’s word as gospel.

Well, that’s what Britain’s Great Wealth Revival is all about – empowering you to understand more, sharing specific investment opportunities, and helping you look ahead to a financial life with optimism, not fear.

Speaking of optimism, I’d like you to take a look at something today. You may have seen, even glanced through it, it but I want you to really read it.

Click to read: Why Britain will boom after Brexit.

I think people who think for themselves, see the potential for a Britain unchained from the EU….  and do not get suckered in by the media’s gloom and doom about our future will get the most out of my broadcast next Monday.

They will see – and be in a position to grasp – the opportunities that the great changes ahead can bring.

Those that are blinkered by the cynics and get pulled down by Project Fear, I believe, will be left behind.