Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put a big dent in stock portfolios across the world.

Meanwhile, (and at time of writing), bitcoin has risen 14% over the seven days.

Some pundits believe this could be the start of a decoupling

That cryptocurrency could offer an escape for investors from the traditional financial system – which is taking a big hit right now.

Rumours are even circulating that the oligarchs are funnelling their money into bitcoin to avoid sanctions.

There’s certainly a lot to talk about when it comes to crypto right now.

So, today, Nigel sits down with our in-house cryptocurrency expert Sam Volkering, who has invested in the market for over a decade.

Watch their “Crypto Conflab” in the video below…

If you’re keen to learn where Sam believes the big opportunities could be in crypto market…

… and the name of his #1 coin to buy and hold for the next decade…

He’s released a special crypto investing presentation – watch now for free.

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