The big investment theme of 2023 has been artificial intelligence (AI), with AI stocks leaving the rest of the market for dead.

But what does AI mean for the investment industry itself? Will your new fund manager be the Terminator? And will that mean it’s “hasta la vista” for Fortune & Freedom?

In this video, I ask my Australian colleague Ryan Clarkson-Ledward, who recently gave a presentation on this topic, what AI means for investors like you and me…

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Until next time,

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom

PS If the net zero zealots get their way, we won’t need to worry about AI anymore. There won’t be enough energy to sustain it. But not every company has given in on financing fossil fuels. Our energy market expert James Allen has found the few who will put their money where their energy deposit is. And, when the world wakes up to the reality that we rely on fossil fuels, they will be the ones with the energy we’ll need. I wonder what might happen to their profits?