We think of currency crises as being related to pegged exchange rates, emerging markets and foreign currency-denominated debt – things that don’t apply to the UK. Not since the exchange rate mechanism, anyway…

But currencies can act as pressure valves which warn us of a financial crisis underway under the surface. My guest John Butler believes that a new phase of the 2022 meltdown has kicked off, with the plunging pound, euro, yen and others. This is something you need to understand in order to predict how it’ll affect your investments.

I also ask John, a former banker, about Credit Suisse, the central bank pivot and whether inflation is finally coming down at last…

Investing through an inflationary surge is not easy.

If you’re worried about ‘the disease of money’ playing havoc with your savings and share portfolio, you are not alone.

That’s why we’ve created this special inflation-survival broadcast to help UK investors through this challenging time. You’ll discover some of the deeper threats inflation can pose to your wealth-building – and the practical steps you can take now, to fight back.

Click the link to watch: “The Truth About Inflation No-one Is Telling You”.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom

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