No doubt you’re all glued to your screens, watching the Rugby League World Cup. Well, UK politics is about to descend into similar scenes. The hospital pass has been thrown recklessly by the Conservative Party. It’s only a question of who’s dumb enough to catch it.

Will it be new New Labour under Keir Starmer? Or Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt? Is that Michael Gove I can hear shuffling his feet in the background?

Let Nigel Farage take you through the possibilities. There are a few ways this can go. But none of them are pretty for UK savers and investors…

At least, not most of them. There are still those who know how to profit from disastrous bear markets. Just take a look at this before you watch Nigel’s barnstorming take on the latest attempts to climb the greasy pole.

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom