At the tender age of 13, Konstantin Kisin’s Soviet parents sent him to live in racist, misogynist, capitalist, far right-wing Bristol, all by himself. Let’s just say that he made a name for himself… once he learned to speak English.

Armed with the Teflon coating of immigrant status, Konstantin is able to take positions in debates you and I never could without being cancelled.

He’s famous for standing up for the right of comedians to offend people, gives airtime to the cancelled and creates more jobs than he steals off fifth-generation Brits.

His podcast and YouTube show Triggernometry is a sensible person’s sensation in an age of disbelief. You’ll discover why we should “Stop Taking Comedy Seriously,” “The Real Reason Identity Politics Took Over”, and what happens to those who take such stands, from eminent guests like Jordan Peterson and of course Nigel Farage.

But in this video, we take on Konstantin’s book An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West. He lays out what’s going badly wrong in our society, where it leads and why he’s allowed to say all this out loud without being hung, drawn and quartered in the press.

He’ll make you laugh, shake your head in disbelief, shout out in anger and miserable, but not necessarily in that order. You can find the book in all good bookshops outside North London and of course on the internet… for now.

But first, check out what all the fuss is about…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom