• Inflation is slowing, but prices are still rising
  • In China, prices are outright falling!
  • The Germans have tied their energy transition in constitutional knots

Inflation statistics out of the UK and US both came in below expectations. But is that good news or bad?

Consumers might be rejoicing that prices have slowed their ascent, but aren’t higher interest rates only adding to the cost-of-living pain?

In China, a return to outright deflation is definitely bad news. But why, and could the consequences reach investors in the UK?

The Germans have got themselves into a legal bind that only threatens to make their energy crisis even worse. A return to nuclear power remains the elephant in the room and only the leader of the German opposition has finally spotted it. Does this mean nuclear will finally get the nod from Europe’s last “Nein!”?

Find out the answers to all of these questions, and more, from our Investment Director John Butler…

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