• Wind energy sceptics are being proven right
  • The racket at the heart of wind power is even worse than we thought
  • What happens next if wind doesn’t deliver?

I’ve been warning about wind energy for years. But yesterday’s exposé from Bloomberg was a surprise to even Nigel Farage and I. You won’t believe what wind power producers have been up to, at your expense.

And if Siemens Energy Chairman Joe Kaeser told The Telegraph, “Every transformation comes at a cost and every transformation is painful. And that’s something that the energy industry and the public sector – governments – don’t really want to hear.” Then are governments accurately anticipating the cost of the energy transition?

And if they aren’t, what will the true costs be?

And if they’re unaffordable, what are we going to do?

If you take a step back, you’ll begin to realise what’s really going on here…

Wind energy is just a racket wrapped up in a green parcel.

This is precisely what happens when you are not allowed to question the consensus on something like green energy. This is something Nigel Farage doesn’t exactly shy away from however he might be lampooned for it. For years, he told us wind energy would disappoint.

But now, even the German Greens Party is having second thoughts.

Find out what’s gone so dreadfully wrong in our energy system and what could happen next in this video with Nigel Farage…

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