Yesterday’s Fortune & Freedom caused a bit of a stir… I rather harshly criticised the green movement. Fairly, in my view, but harshly.

But my good friend and pro-green adversary James Allen demanded right of reply – to set the record straight, he said.

You see, James thinks that the green movement is not just a good thing, but the most profitable investment trend out there right now.

Right now, James is inviting people to watch the third incarnation of his Beyond Oil Summit. Find out more about that, and how to subscribe here.

James and I have battled on the green agenda many times in the past. And we both enjoy a bit of civilised debate before (and in) the pub.

Alas, lockdowns and fatherhoods have interfered with the latter. The former, however, took place for your viewing pleasure because I couldn’t deny him the “right of reply” he demanded.

So, find out how we squared off, what James thought of my criticism of the green movement, and how you could profit from the most powerful investing force in financial markets today, in this video…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom