• Nigel Farage has been de-banked
  • Is a reversal in the culture wars on the cards?
  • What does it mean for the rest of us?

Have the elites gone one step too far by de-banking Nigel Farage? Even the government seems to be on his side…

In a recent interview with Nigel, to be published later this month, I asked him what the turning point would be for net zero. At what point would people and then politicians rebel against the climate change industry?

It was by far the best interview I’ve done with Nigel, by the way. If you’d like to watch it now, click here to become a subscriber of Britain’s longest running newsletter.

His answer was that a particular event would come to define the issue. That’s how it always happens, he said. A particular moment would change everything.

We can’t know in advance what that event will be. Perhaps a persistent blackout, or a particular news story about some individual who froze to death in front of his heat pump. Perhaps a council that takes a stand against ULEZ, or a net zero protestor getting very different treatment from the police to Just Stop Oil picket lines.

Well, when it comes to the culture wars that are raging, it seems such an event has occurred. Nigel Farage has been de-banked, meaning his bank is going to close his accounts and new banks are not willing to provide their services.

It turns out this isolated event is part of a much bigger trend to isolate anyone who stands against woke warriors.

But could this be the event that comes to define the reversal in the culture wars?

And what does it really mean for the rest of us?

Find out, from Nigel himself…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom