• No energy analyst has been as prescient on net zero as Doomberg
  • Technology won’t save us from our energy transition commitments
  • Nuclear is the only way out of this net zero mess

The anonymous group of energy and commodity consultants known only as Doomberg has taken the world by storm like no other financial market commentator. On its seriously successful Substack, Doomberg regularly unravels energy policy and technology with wit, sarcasm and serious criticism.

Doomberg also has a knack for explaining energy problems and the role energy plays in our lives in a rather beautiful and simple way… which becomes terrifying in the face of net zero policies and their implications.

In this interview, I ask why Doomberg is expecting a series of energy crises, why net zero may not be plausible, how governments’ energy policies manage to ignore the obvious realities Doomberg is so good at pointing out and which energy solutions are and aren’t viable for our future.

But be warned, this interview takes a rather depressing turn. You see, net zero may be disastrous for the reasons Doomberg elegantly explains. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be tried. Saving the planet is a rather powerful excuse to attempt the energy transition… and silence any dissenters.

We also discuss an extraordinary interview with Doomberg and Steve Keen, which I highly recommend watching here, if you can keep an open mind (and a sense of humour in the face of a dystopian nightmare). You’ll discover what those who understand that the energy transition isn’t viable, but also believe climate change is an existential threat, think we should do… must do… will force you to do.

Hopefully the doom and gloom doesn’t put you off, because tomorrow we will discuss some of the unique facets of the UK’s net zero campaign, and what it means for our country specifically, with the man who wrote the book on net zero, literally.

But for now, here’s Doomberg on net zero’s impossible problems and obvious solutions…

Doomberg is quick to remind you that its predictions do not amount to financial advice. To figure out how you may be able to position your portfolio to possibly profit from net zero, you need a more detailed plan.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom