• It’s been quite a year
  • A time to be thankful
  • Merry Christmas from us to you

A big merry Christmas from the team at Fortune & Freedom.

It’s been quite a year inside and out of financial markets. Although there are still a few more days left to conjure up another surprise yet…

We hope the year ends in spending some of your investment profits on other people, ironically enough.

Indeed, with war popping up in Europe and the Middle East, inflation and interest rates burning holes in Christmas budgets, and the threat of blackouts looming again this winter, it’s a time to be thankful for the less financial things in your life.

The team at Southbank has undergone plenty of changes this year. New faces, a new office and new publications available to you. No doubt, change will continue into 2024. It always does.

But this Christmas, we’re grateful for the things we have today, including you, our reader.

Until next time,

Paolo Cabrelli
Publisher, Fortune & Freedom