Our number one source of feedback at Fortune & Freedom hasn’t changed since 2020. It’s been a steady stream of furious comments about Gordon Brown’s pension tax reforms. They like to call it the “Great Pension Tax Raid of 1997”.

This week, the Telegraph reported that a Guardian editor had become aware of Labour’s tax plans before the election. But, “Alan Rusbridger cooperated with Gordon Brown to keep voters in the dark on his tax plans before the general election.”

I wonder how the omission may have changed things. Not just for politics, but for people’s pension balances today…

We turn to the future to discover that half of voters are worried history will repeat. What pension tax plans are lurking in Labour’s real manifesto this time?

We’re going to find out the hard way, reckons Nigel Farage.

And if you’ve already woken up to this threat, it’s time to take action.

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom