Here we are.

A new adventure.

A new fight – to take back control.

One that I hope is going to prove very valuable for you over the months and years ahead.

We’ll have our doubters, as we go along, of course we will.

Those at the top don’t like big shake-ups like this. They don’t like anyone questioning the so-called “natural order” of things.

A natural order in which they do well and everyone else does pretty badly.

So we’ll have our detractors in the press. And on social media.

But we won’t let that stop us.

When I first got involved in politics, all anyone could say was “What does this bloke from the City… this metals trader… think he’s doing?”

They openly laughed at me.

They thought it was all a bit of a joke. They thought I wouldn’t be around for long.

But I stuck it out. I fought for our political liberation from the EU for 27 years. I did something most people in Whitehall had long forgotten how to do. I listened. I listened to the men and women of Britain by travelling up and down the country. And I heard they wanted to be independent.

And we won, didn’t we?

We stood up and we made sure we were finally heard.

Now, almost 30 years later… here we are again. Time to take on and separate ourselves from a new “superstate” – the financial establishment. And I’m sure they’re going to ask the same thing: how the hell is this politician going to take on the big money men?

What can he do to help the man on the street regain control of his money and his financial destiny?

Well, here in Fortune & Freedom… you’ll find out.

Every morning at 9am you can expect a new communication from me and my colleague Nickolai Hubble.

We’ll provide you with critical thinking, new ideas, valuable reports, guest pieces from experts we respect, and practical steps you can take immediately to start taking back control of your money.

Now is a pivotal time for you – and your money

Political freedom is on its way. Come January – one way or another – we’ll finally be a sovereign nation once again. (We hope.)

But that doesn’t mean we’ve been left with a Britain we can all be happy and free in just yet.

I don’t know about you but the increasing authoritarianism in this country doesn’t sit well with me.

When I hear about the spectre of the army being called in to marshal the lockdown…

Or being threatened with fines, instead of being encouraged, like an adult…

Or seeing young people being vilified for trying to live a normal life…

I don’t like it.

But I cannot say that I am surprised.

Like me, you have probably felt over the last ten years or so, that independent thought is no longer cultivated in our schools or in the media. It is frowned upon. Today, you cannot say what is on your mind. And trying to remain independent in thought – and action – is seen as suspicious.

Spyware on our devices… facial recognition on the streets… cancel culture on social media… political correctness in the press… groupthink in the City… a dangerous and reductive herd mentality is sweeping through our entire culture.

Groupthink with your politics and personal values is bad enough.

But with your money, it will cost you dearly.

If you buy what everyone else buys, when they buy it, you get what they get – mediocrity. The financial market is one of the few places left that reward independent thought – and action.

Luckily for you not many people still think for themselves when it comes to the way they invest. And that gives you a powerful advantage.

I’ll be honest, I fell into the same trap as millions of others.

A real wake-up moment for me came when I was looking at my pension statement, recently.

I imagined people up and down the country thinking the same thing: “Christ, what the hell happened?

I’ll tell you what happened… it’s an illusion. The biggest illusion there is. One we’ve all fallen for in some way.

You were led to believe the moment you give up work a golden haze will surround you. You were encouraged to believe you would be financially free… as if by magic, your investments would accrue a fortune that would cushion you for decades… that your life would be just like it is in all of those pension plan photos – laughing at the beach, in a halo of sunlight.

Sadly, this just isn’t true.

And a lot of people are going to find that out, far too late.

The financial industry lull you into believing that without them, you have no hope. That in the hands of the establishment, it will be happily ever after… and for those who manage their own affairs, a nightmare of poverty and deprivation.

Look, if any of this sounds familiar… we were fed this line about the EU, too, weren’t we? That someday, political union in Europe would be achieved and then we’d all float along on a cloud.

We were told that going it alone, Britain would be stuffed, the sick man of Europe.

Project Fear exists in the financial world too… we’re made to feel like only the professionals can understand the markets… or have any success. The reality is, your private pension will likely leave you short… .

The best opportunities and ideas to really grow your wealth – smartly, over time – are usually shared with you too late…

And the threats you need to know about are completely absent from the mainstream financial media.

My goal here in Fortune & Freedom is to put that right. And – at last – help put you on a path to financial liberation.

It all starts here, today.

Make sure you read the useful report we have put together for you, to kick things off. It’s called “How to take back control of your finances in 4 simple steps”.

Inside you will discover practical measures you can take right now to set off on the right foot.

Click here to read it now.

This is your first step. It’s one that already puts you ahead of most people. They’re happier as part of a crowd. Even if that crowd is marching toward a future of financial disappointment and regret.

Not you. You have already separated yourself. And in the days and weeks ahead, you’ll continue that journey.

You’ll see how the financial system really works (against you)…

You’ll get access to financial ideas that could really pay off…

You’ll benefit from early access to some very exciting projects we have in the works…

And you’ll hear from the experts who really know what they’re talking about.

Insight, intelligence and ideas – those are your three weapons in this fight…

Another fight that I know we’re going to win.

More again soon,

Nigel Farage Signature

Nigel Farage
Founder, Fortune & Freedom

PS Do make sure you read all of the valuable research reports we have published for youvery carefully. They will be eye-opening. My hope is they will be a wake-up call too.

Just as in 2016, I think we’re coming to a time here in Britain when we all have to answer a question. When it comes to your money – and the wider aspects of your life – are you Lord or Subject? Master or Slave? Are you willing to take charge, or happy to leave your future in the hands of someone else? Will you take a stand? Or will you just let it ride and just hope you get lucky?

I can’t answer those questions for you. It’s a personal choice. But I do hope this new project – Fortune & Freedom – can help you see that there are many ways to take control of your own financial affairs.

PPS Tomorrow at 9am, you’ll get your first message from Nickolai. He’ll be showing you who is really in control of your money right now – and how you can start taking charge. Look out for it!