What if the last 40 years of house price gains are the exception and not the norm?

What if house prices are going to trend down, instead of up, for decades, or even forever…

After all, house prices don’t just magically go up. They move for a reason.

In this video, I ask Rob Marstrand and John Butler about how the long-term structural tailwinds for property prices may be turning into headwinds. And what a protracted downtrend in property prices would mean.

If property stops being a vast generator of wealth for middle-class Brits, or even turns into a ball and chain for their financial future, how will people generate wealth for retirement instead?

Well, Rob Marstrand isn’t just a critic of which financial assets are overvalued. Having teamed up with Nigel Farage at UK Independent Wealth, he also provides precise actionable advice on how to invest for your future. Find out if you agree with his take on how the next decade will unfold here.

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom