All the crises we’ve been writing about in Fortune & Freedom are rearing their ugly heads at the same time. Currencies like the pound and the euro are crashing. Bonds like the UK’s gilts are tumbling because of the mini-budget. Stocks are stumbling as the recession grows. And central bankers are causing chaos, as always.

As I see it, you face three big questions. Well, your investments do…

And the following three videos provide all the answers. Well, they try to…

How to invest during a recession, featuring Jasmine Birtles and her motley crew of experts, who couldn’t be more different.

Was the mini-budget a disastrous mistake that triggered the beginning of a financial melt-down? This video comes from geopolitical expert Jim Rickards, whose CV is a book in and of itself.

How will the euro die? It’s been four years since I wrote my book about the end of the euro. This interview with Giuliano Giacaglia updates readers.

Unfortunately for you, all these stories are still unfolding. But at least you’ll be one step ahead once you watch these videos.

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom

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