Warren Buffett – one of the greatest investors ever – once said…

Be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

He was talking about the price of an asset with a somewhat contrarian point of view.

Meaning, when the masses are being greedy and piling into a particular asset, it could become overpriced, and investors should be fearful of buying it.

And conversely, when others are fearful of an asset or the market in general, and thus not investing…

… it could present a good entry point as – presuming it’s a sound asset – it could be undervalued.

This type of contrarian investing is what many have come to love about our own investing expert Nick Hubble.

And why Boaz Shoshan has invited Nick back on to the Southbank Live show this week, at the different time of midday tomorrow.

The two will be discussing the “state of the markets” from Nick’s contrarian perspective.


  • What’s next for oil and gold
  • Geopolitical considerations UK investors need to understand – Russian troops looking prepared for war, China’s pressure on Taiwan, etc
  • As the author of How the Euro Dies, Nick will give his insights for UK investors navigating the instability coming from the euro area.

If you don’t know, Southbank Live is an interactive show – so you can join in and ask questions that Nick and Boaz can answer.

Just leave your comments and questions in the chat.

They go live Thursday (tomorrow), at midday.

You can join them live on any of these three platforms (or set a reminder on the page if you’re early):




So, if you want a clearer view of the markets as Nick sees them, be sure to tune into this week’s episode of Southbank Live.

Why investing sheep will be eaten by the wolves tomorrow at midday, just click the links above.

Paolo Cabrelli
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research

PS Let me know if you see the easter egg hidden in the livestream…