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Would you stay in a house with crumbling foundations? Then, why are you keeping your money in the financial system?

You see, government bonds have been used as the foundations of the financial system. They are priced into every financial asset. They are considered a “risk free” investment. They are used to shore up the capital of banks and insurance companies. They impact mortgage rates and they form a traditional part of everyone’s portfolio.

You might’ve heard of the 60/40 portfolio? Well, the 40% refers to bonds. And they’re supposed to be the low-risk part of a portfolio you can rely on to offer low-risk low returns even when there’s a crisis.

And yet, they are crashing like a high-risk small cap stock!

In fact, they might be the very trigger of the next financial crisis, instead of guarding the value of your portfolio and the financial system against one.

It’s time to escape. Not just the poor returns of bonds, but the financial system that is wobbling as they crumble.

That’s why Nigel Farage is hosting his New Money, New Rules event today.

It’s all about the alternative financial system. One which has grown out of the failings of the “legacy financial system”.

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But what happens next for the bond market? And why does it matter?

Well, if you believe it’s best to listen to those who predicted the bond crash in the first place, then there’s nobody better to answer those questions than Rob Marstrand…

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Editor, Fortune & Freedom