A little bonus edition for you today…

In the video above you’ll find Nigel’s latest missive from the frontlines of the Trump campaign.

The pollsters will tell you that Joe Biden is a shoo-in.

The Economist’s model predicts that Biden has a 95% chance of winning the electoral college and a 99% chance of winning the popular vote.

Nigel’s sense is that the pollsters have it wrong again. Just like they got it wrong in the last US election… and the EU referendum.

Well, if they are wrong this time round, they are going to be wrong BIG.

Voting closes tomorrow and it looks like it will be a record turnout – with 85 million votes already cast. Though it may be days – or even – weeks until we get a decisive outcome. And there is the potential for real drama, in the markets and on the streets, whomever gets the result.

As it all unfolds, we’ll be getting Nigel’s unique, insider perspective on the most gripping US election for a generation.

Before I go, I’m curious about something…

If Donald Trump and Joe Biden were battling it out to become prime minister, who would you vote for?


We’ll share the results later this week.

Many thanks,

Nickolai Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom