Economic chaos is raging around the world, in its many, many forms. And economists are at a loss to explain why, let alone predict it. But what if there is one economic theory which explains all this carnage quite simply? And what if I could introduce you to the ideal person to explain it to us?

The ideas and principles we hold dear at Fortune & Freedom have many friends around the world. And in Germany, they have no better friend than Thorsten Polleit, the chief economist of precious metals firm Degussa and Honorary Professor at the University of Bayreuth.

In this video, Thorsten takes us through the crack-up boom, why he believes inflation will remain high, how to escape the inflationary mess and much more.

When people try to escape fiat currency, they don’t just turn to gold. Because now there is an even better alternative when it comes to money that you can use, day to day. And it is booming. Find out what it is here.

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom