In a special broadcast, Sam Volkering, investment director and editor here at Southbank Investment Research, sat down with British journalist and campaigner Maajid Nawaz to talk about central bank-backed digital currencies (or coupons as Maajid calls them) and decentralised currencies such as bitcoin.

Maajid brings a perspective like no other having been on the inside and rising through the ranks of Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.  He then not only exited from that world, but also being a vocal critic of the dangerous ideological narratives it pushes.

He’s an avid campaigner today for individual rights and liberties. He’s held court with global leaders from US presidents to British prime ministers. He’s hosted a radio show on LBC. More recently, he was a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where his comments on CBDCs went viral.

Below you’ll find our exclusive conversation with Maajid on his views on CBDCs and the threats to liberty that they pose.

He discusses the potential control of individuals’ financial existence.

He also explains how decentralised currencies and networks like bitcoin give people the “right to exit”.

You can follow more of Maajid’s commentary on Twitter @MaajidNawaz and also via his Substack portal.

Sam Volkering
Editor, Southbank Investment Research