If you’re hesitant to spend any time or effort investigating cryptocurrencies, because they’re just a bubble and a speculative mania, you need to see this video.

My mentor Greg Canavan explains how he went from being a sceptic to a believer in cryptocurrencies, not because of their potential to deliver wealth to speculators, but for a very different reason.

The legacy financial system is badly unstable, in all sorts of ways. And cryptocurrencies are designed to offer a viable alternative. Greg believes they are a badly needed solution to a set of very big problems which we face, not a way to speculate.

Find out what the threats to the traditional financial system are, how crypto offers a means of escape, and why you should see beyond its speculative phase in the video below:

Another cryptocurrency expert, and mutual friend of Greg and I, can show you how to take advantage of bitcoin’s challenge to the legacy financial system in this presentation.

Just like Greg, Sam Volkering believes the key to crypto is not its speculative mania, but its ability to provide a viable alternative to the financial system.

That means, if the traditional financial system comes apart at the seams, you’ll need to know how to escape with some of your wealth into crypto. Find out how here.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom