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Editor’s note: Today, we bring you a guest piece from Sam Volkering from his newsletter AI Collision, which was first published on 18 April. We hope you enjoy it!

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Welcome to AI Collision 💥,

In October 2023, I published an edition of AI Collision with the title “The AI-Phone’s Ive Moment”. You can catch that entire edition here.

In the lead piece I wrote about how certain key technology developments hit an inflection point not necessarily just because of the technology, but almost more because of their industrial design…

The iPhone, like the Nokia 3210, was a cultural phenomenon.

It too was progress, technology and beautiful industrial design all in one package. It may have been a world away from the technology of the 3210, but it shared the same kind of impact on the world.

And the iPhone appealed to the most important customer of all… teenagers.

I tell the story of the 3210 and the iPhone for good reason. These weren’t the first, pioneering tech breakthroughs they’re held up to be. But they’re remembered as such. And that’s because we hold them on a pedestal because of their wide appeal. They were nice to look at, nice to use and they were a design breakthrough almost more than the technology they contained.

Thanks to the incredible industrial designs of the Nokia 3210, global cellular phone coverage is estimated to be up around 94%.

Although recently, and much of this is down to the marvel of industrial design of the iPhone, smartphone global penetration is now around 54%. This means there are now more people using smartphones than any other kind of phone.

Again, while this is all great for smartphones… and the proliferation of AI through smartphones, there’s something else more important going on with AI that again comes down to the industrial design arguably being more important than the technology itself.

Jony Ive designed the iPhone, and as per my October edition of AI Collision, he may be working on an “AI-phone” as we speak.

But Ive’s real triumph of design that often goes overlooked was the iMac G3.

Thanks to Ive’s incredible industrial design with the iMac G3, personal computers went from looking like this…

Source: Reddit

To this…

Source: Pocket-lint

Since he changed the way the industry looked at how a computer can look and exist, it’s no coincidence that Apple has gone on to be worth $2.6 trillion.

In fact when the G3 came out, Apple stock was about (split-adjusted) 30 cents. Today it’s $170. Now a big part of that rise is tech, but I think a big chunk of it was down to the industrial design of the tech changing the entire way people looked at and thought of PCs and then phones.

This is also not the only example of how brilliant industrial design can lead to a meteoric rise in valuation of a company.

I’m old enough to remember when the humble household vacuum looked like this…

Source: Manchester Vacs

But in the 1980s and into the 1990s, James Dyson had been furiously working away on a product that would ditch the bag and change the entire vacuum industry (for the better).

In 1993 the Dyson DC01 hit the market and thanks to its sublime industrial design, and “bagless” operation, it set Dyson the brand and the company into the stratosphere.

The vacuum stepped into the future and now looked like this…

Source: Dyson

Today it’s estimated that Dyson (the company) is worth in excess of £21 billion. All because Dyson looked into the future and delivered to the world a game-changing piece of industrial design around game-changing technology (Dyson’s dual cyclone technology).

I think we’re on the verge of another game-changing piece of industrial design changing not just the industry its focused on, but the entire world.

In fact, if this design makes it to production it could have as big an impact on the world as smartphones, the internet, maybe even electricity itself.

And if the company behind it can deliver on its lofty promises, then it could mean any fears or anxiety of an energy-drained future thanks to insatiable demand from AI and from the giant datacentres that house it, flies out the window.

And it all comes down to something like this…

Source: Business Standard

Now looking like this…

Source: Nuclear Energy Agency

That’s right, this beautiful-looking triangular building is the future of what a nuclear powerstation might look like.

Now if I’m getting my energy from that beautiful building, already I’m free of the anxieties and fears that inherently come with the picture above it.

It’s the kind of industrial design that has the potential to change the entire nuclear energy industry, and as I say quite possibly our entire AI-enhanced future.

What’s even cooler about it is that you can invest in the company that is working towards getting it into production and into service.

There’s one catch. You can invest… but only if you know how. Because the company that’s building it isn’t actually listed on the stock market yet. It will be, soon, and I think when it does the stock will fly.

But for now, you have to know where to look, how to invest and the steps needed to get in before the company actually hits the market.

If you’re keen to know exactly what I’m talking about, how to invest in the company and how the nuclear energy industry is on the brink of a complete overhaul, then I’d suggest you hit the link below.

It will take you to a new briefing I’ve published that I’m calling “Project Aurora”, which outlays what’s going on with AI, the biggest name in AI, and how it all leads to a nuclear future like the image above… and I tell you what you need to do to invest in this company (hint: I even name the company in the briefing and tell you what they do).

As I say, just gotta head to my briefing via the link above and all will be revealed.

Capital at risk.

AI gone wild 🤪

Want to know how to take down an entire company in just 25 minutes and three seconds?

Then watch this video here.

This is a review video from Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, on YouTube. He’s huge on YouTube with around 18.6 million subscribers and his videos easily get views in the millions.

In fact that review video is currently on about 4.9 million views.

He reviews tech and has been doing so since he was a kid. And he’s great at it, giving straightforward, non-biased reviews. But a couple of times he’s done some reviews that have been honest and crushed a company because the review was ultimately negative.

He did it when reviewing a Fisker Ocean EV recently sending Fisker’s stock price crashing and even led to the company delisting from the NYSE. And he’s done it again with this company, Humane, and its “AI pin”.

MKBHD’s review was such that the rumours are circulating that it will end the company.

That’s a powerful position to be in on his end. There have been critics of his that say it’s too much influence. But then again, if an AI pin was always destined to be rubbish then he’s just saving people a lot of money and effort.

We say this because if you’ve been with us at AI Collision for a while you’ll have heard of the Humane AI pin before. That’s because on 14 November 2023 I published an edition of AI Collision where we looked at the Humane AI pin and said,

AI pins are interesting and novel, but they’re no world beater, no game changer, and will likely be confined to the realms of great tech that never quite made it…

Granted I didn’t get my hands on an actual AI pin to review it, but I didn’t need to.

Some things are clearly just not quite ready for market, and this was always destined to be one.

MKBHD has now proven my initial take on this to be very accurate and very correct.

So… told you so 😂

Boomers & Busters 💰

AI and AI-related stocks moving and shaking up the markets this week. (All performance data below over the rolling week). [Figures correct at time of writing.]

Boom 📈 (***Albeit not much “booming” this week!)

  • DotDigital (LSE:DOTD) up 11%
  • Darktrace (LSE:DARK) up 3%
  • Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) up 3%

Bust 📉

  • Lantern Pharma (NASDAQ:LTRN) down 13%
  • Gorilla Technology (NASDAQ:GRRR) down 11%
  • Predictive Oncology (NASDAQ:POAI) down 16%

From the hive mind 🧠

Weirdest AI image of the day

New temporary boarding procedures at Dubai Airport – r/Weirddallee

ChatGPT’s random quote of the day

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” – Stewart Brand

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Sam Volkering
Editor-in-Chief, AI Collision

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