Nigel Farage knows a thing or two about seeking fortune and freedom. In his political life, he spent 20 years campaigning for one thing: letting Britain decide whether to leave the EU in a referendum – and have the freedom to follow its own path.

He took on the political establishment – and won. Something that saw him ridiculed and caricatured by many sections of the press. But set aside the cloth cap, the corduroys and his beer and fags persona, and there’s a lot more to Mr Brexit than meets the mainstream eye.

You see, at heart, he is an anti-establishment radical, someone who actually occupies a space beyond left and right… a bit like his hero from school, John Wilkes, the 18th-century parliamentary agitator and pamphleteer. Wilkes and Liberty became a toast for radicals just as his name became anathema to moderates. You’ll note the similarities. Like Wilkes, Nigel was educated privately. The son of a stockbroker, who in turn was also the son of a stockbroker, Nigel went to Dulwich College where he loved sport and political debate.

He also founded an investing group (it is still going). But instead of going to university, he left to spend 20 years in the City as a broker in the metals markets, much like his father and grandfather before him. And 2020 sees him come full circle. He believes Britain can run its own affairs politically, and he believes you can take a closer look at your own financial affairs too.

If you are an independent thinker, why is your money, so important to your quality of life, being managed by someone else? Nigel strongly believes it’s time to wake up or millions may face financial disappointment. His most urgent mission to date is now to help you improve your own knowledge and take back control and some monetary independence from the financial establishment.