Whether it’s the topics we cover, the Fortune & Freedom mailbox, or media coverage of Fortune & Freedom, no topic has caught as much attention as bitcoin.

For good reason. The trend of acceptance is accelerating. It has even reached the deepest, darkest depths of the financial services industry: imagine my shock when I discovered videos about bitcoin ETFs now feature on my own professional development training options!

This acceptance is not just a passing interest. It threatens to have profound effects. Especially in an age of unfinanceable government deficits and the money printing we rely on to finance them.

The bitcoin price was at around $17,000 when Sam Volkering and Nigel Farage first sent you their interview about bitcoin. We had multiple follow-ups of all sorts. Videos, Q&As and articles. The price is now over $56,000.

So it’s time for the latest update, with Sam and Nigel recording another chat for today’s Fortune & Freedom

As bitcoin acceptance grows, so too will buying pressure. And, unlike fiat money, bitcoin’s supply is constrained. By the laws of maths. This means one thing. A surging price. How high?

Sam Volkering will be hosting an online broadcast on just that. You can register for the 15 April event here.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom