• The great monetary pivot of 2024
  • How much weight does big tech carry?
  • AI as “small tech”: over or undervalued?

As you’ll see in this week’s video, it’s a change of personnel.

With Nigel still on his way out of the “jungle” and Nick on paternity leave, it was time to get a couple ring-ins to fill the void.

Good news is that I (Sam) and John Butler never shy away from jumping on camera and discussing all things market-related.

And this week, well, it’s a doozy!

The US Federal Reserve has signalled that rate cuts are on the cards, and soon. If so, you can expect the Bank of England to be hot on their heels.

The market already spiked on this “monetary pivot” so the big question remains: is this the start of the next big market “melt up” or are what they’re saying and what’s really happening in the economy two very different things?

We unpack it all in this week’s week in review.

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Kind regards,

Sam Volkering
Contributor, Fortune & Freedom

PS As mentioned in the video, I’ve got a new briefing live now on how a critical “liquid metal” is one of the most sought-after rare materials on earth right now, how that liquid metal could be key to making artificial intelligence 100 times smarter, and how one tiny UK-listed stock is set to benefit from it all… you can see my full briefing here, now.