“There’s no way this is the end of the crypto story, no way at all,” says Nigel Farage in the video below. “It’s barely the beginning,” I can hear Sam Volkering whispering in my head.

Sam has identified three cryptos which he believes are positioned to reap the biggest gains over the long-term..

We’re talking about industrial, legal and commercial applications, not just moving tokens back and forth.

No doubt we need both, given the rate of inflation at which our fiat money is burning…

You might think a moribund economy with 7% inflation is bad enough. But just wait until you see the Bank of Englad’s forecasts for what happens next! 10% inflation and a recession puts us squarely in the stagflation zone.

But don’t worry, the government is changing course. The BoE will save us, right?

Not according to stock markets, or bonds and cryptocurrency prices. Everything is crashing.

Find out how bad this will get, and whether it’s already time to buy back in, from Nigel Farage…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom