Over the Easter break, between nappy changes and car-seat battles, I finally found time to watch the latest of The Southbank Interviews, hosted by my former desk neighbour Boaz Shoshan. And boy am I glad I did. The most recent episode is called “Investing through the fog of war,” which, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is pretty relevant to today, thanks to a certain Vladimir Putin.

It’s easy to pretend geopolitics doesn’t matter to you. Well, it has become a lot more difficult recently, but you know what I mean. Geopolitics seems unpredictable, and therefore not worth focusing on for investors.

But Boaz’s guest on the interview turns that kind of thinking on its head. He believes geopolitics is a great starting point when deciding how to invest. And geopolitical conflict is an opportunity for investors because it makes prices move.

The war in Ukraine increasingly looks set to endure. And, even if hostilities do end, a normalisation of our relationship with Russia is not in the cards anytime soon. Who knows which other nations might be emboldened by the lack of consequences for Russia from invading Ukraine?

Actually, Boaz and I both know who has something to say about that! That’s why Boaz interviewed him about what investors should be adjusting as the war rages on…

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom