What if I told you there is an indicator that successfully predicted the timing of 12 financial crises going back 150 years? An indicator you could’ve used to predict the 2008 crisis, just as Dr Mark Thornton did.

Well, there is such an indicator. And Mark wrote a book about it. But you probably won’t even consider entertaining the possibility that he’s on to something when you hear what the indicator is… until you hear his explanation.

But what is The 12?

As you can imagine, the editorial team at Southbank Investment Research do a lot of reading. And we recommend books to each other. Including what to avoid…

I thought it was time we passed this valuable resource on to our many readers of our various newsletters. So you can allocate your reading time a little better too.

But how?

What we came up with is The 12. Each month, we interview an author about a book we think you should consider reading. And you’ll find our ninth episode here.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom