Introduction, by John Butler

Here at Southbank Investment Research we’re becoming increasingly cautious in our outlook for global stock markets.

In my service, Southbank Wealth Advantage, we launched in late 2023 with a defensive, “Slowdown”- specified portfolio of 15 FTSE 100 companies but in March of this year this was rotationed into a full-blown “Recession”-specified portfolio.

While caution is warranted, however, that only makes it all the more important that we identify companies that we nevertheless believe have potential to perform well. The alternative is to passively accept low or possibly even negative returns, especially when taking inflation into account. That’s not an attractive proposition.

And so in late 2023, I tasked all Southbank contributors to select one stock not currently on their buy lists that they believe could be a strong outperformer in 2024. What follows, in no particular order, are six picks from the six of us (and bear in mind, all figures and charts are correct at the time of publication in November 2023). I hope you find at least one of these ideas as compelling as I do (especially my own!).

And so, here we go: