Why did nobody see inflation coming? That’s what the media is pondering today. Just as they did about the 2008 financial crisis, and every other significant economic development before that.

But the answer, as always, is that plenty of people did see it coming. It’s just that their views were discounted as being too heretical to publish.

Predicting change just isn’t popular in industries that have grown around incumbent trends. Given how much markets have plunged as inflation set in, it’s no surprise nobody who saw inflation coming was given a minute of airtime in the financial media…

That’s why Fortune & Freedom exists, quite frankly. We can publish such views because we don’t rely on advertising revenue. We’re accountable only to you – our subscribers.

In the video below, I interview John Butler – the man who warned Fortune & Freedom readers about the inflation spike we’ve seen weeks before it began. Find out how he did it, and what his analysis reveals about the future of inflation and our economy…

And don’t forget to check out Nigel Farage’s own presentation on how to deal with inflation here

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom