• The public is questioning net zero
  • Next, they will discover the truth
  • Mark Mills is the best person to explain where net zero goes wrong

The world has woken up to the threat of net zero. The media coverage and politics on the issue have changed radically over the past few months. There is now serious opposition and debate.

What has not yet occurred is an awakening to the implications of the policy enacted in our name. We haven’t refuted whether net zero is even vaguely plausible. Nor have we figured out what we’ll do instead when it fails. The threat of a persistent energy crisis isn’t part of the national discourse yet either.

But, just as the public has begun to question net zero, so too will it begin to find answers. And public energy policy analyst and energy venture capital investor Mark Mills is the person who stands ready to provide them.

As you’ll discover from Mark, the energy transition to net zero isn’t happening to begin with, it can’t be completed and it won’t give us the power we need to sustain society. The energy and resource economics of net zero simply aren’t viable.

I also asked Mark, a former White House science officer under President Ronald Reagan, about how we got into this political mess and how we’ll get out of it.

Investors take note: Mark identifies the key commodity set to benefit from the doomed campaign to reach net zero, and the energy we’ll transition back to.

And tomorrow, look out for energy blogging sensation Doomberg’s take on net zero – the impossible problems and the obvious solutions.

But for now, here’s the man who woke me up to the threat of net zero’s delusions…

Mark provides the best possible introduction to the realities of net zero when it comes to energy systems and high-minded politics. He also began to hint at the investment implications. But if you want to see a proper plan for how you can profit from both the net zero boom and its possible failure, click here.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom