• Nobody did the maths on whether net zero is possible
  • The maths says it’s not possible
  • Prepare for one hell of a commodity shortage

Simon Michaux is the first person to scientifically refute net zero by calculating that it cannot be achieved. At least, not in the way we are being sold by politicians.

And, believe me, you won’t enjoy what it would take to reach net zero according to Simon, if we continue to try… this headline from Bloomberg is a good hint: “South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions”.

In this interview, Simon takes us through his explosive background (literally) and reveals how he accidentally discovered just how absurd the energy transition being pitched to us by politicians really is.

He alleges we’re suffering from geopolitical blindness when it comes to the nature of the energy industry, mineral blindness when it comes to mining the materials that we would need to build the energy transition and energy blindness when it comes to understanding how energy systems actually work.

Put the three together and we’re on track for a serious problem, surprisingly soon.

Simon’s work also identified an entire series of potential booming investment trends and flaws in some of the technology that investors are betting on to save us from South Africa’s fate. You’ll have to listen to find out what’ll work and what’s a blind turn into a dead end, literally.

I interviewed Simon just after he’d returned from another trip to present at the United Nations. I’m surprised they invited him back given what he has to say…

I hope Simon’s analysis highlighted both net zero’s implausible future and the implications for commodity prices, renewable energy investments and a host of other financial and economic opportunities.

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Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom