• Net zero is an impossible goal
  • The question is when it’ll fail
  • It’s time to prepare for the inevitable

Over the coming two weeks, we’re going to be sharing a special series of videos and written pieces with a laser focus on the flaws of the net zero pipedream… and the opportunity it hands you as an investor. If you’re keen to learn more about the falsehoods at the heart of the net zero crusade and discover stocks that could benefit as money floods into resources (and dirty energy) as this story unfolds, stay tuned for the next few weeks.


I’ll go out on a limb and say this is the best interview Nigel Farage has ever done.

I came to this conclusion while preparing a highlights package for a trailer to advertise this Net Zero Summit on social media. Half of Nigel’s interview deserved to be included in the reel…

In the interview, we focus on Nigel’s speciality – the gap between what people want and believe, and what their politicians and civil servants are trying to give them.

On net zero, this gap is about to reach breaking point, according to Nigel. We are now waiting for a specific event to force it to slam shut, as the Brexit Party’s European election results did for Brexit, and the referendum result before that.

Predicting when the curtain drops on net zero will define when you should transition your investments from the resources needed in the energy transition to the fossil fuels that’ll come to our rescue once we realise net zero isn’t plausible. (More on that later in the series.)

Nigel Farage is the best possible person to give you that timeframe for when it might happen.

Find out from Nigel Farage what’s really going on…

Now that you understand what the government has planned, you are no doubt wondering what to do about it. Well, Nigel’s take on net zero is only the beginning of his message for you. He also has a plan of action we can all take to prepare for what may happen next.

Nick Hubble
Editor, Fortune & Freedom